If you ever ask a blogger what their ideal place would be for a great Instagram background, a floral wall and inspirational light up quote would be perfection. The problem is, for us living in Liverpool, the options are limited. Therefore you could imagine my excitement when the beautiful restaurant The Florist finally opened its doors on 24 Hardman Street, and invited scousers into a world of beauty and sheer elegance, or to put it simply, a bloggers dream. 

Immediately from stepping through the huge white doors in a beautiful white Victorian style building, you are whisked away into a floral fantasy, with vintage bicycles and little wooden crates filled with many flowers greeting you upon arrival. There is no wonder this place is called 'The Florist', as there are literally flowers EVERYWHERE you look, and am I not complaining one bit about it. 

There's many little nooks and so many places to sit (including outdoor seating), each with a different sort of floral decoration, making the experience rather exciting. We were sat in a gorgeous little room with a vintage pink floral sort of vibe, surrounded by these very aesthetic shelves of cacti in cute little pink pots against marble walls. The most breathtaking of all though was the amazing hanging artificial flower decoration that was mounted to the centre of the ceiling amongst the lights. It was so so beautiful and absolutely huge in real life. 

So now, onto the food. Upon arrival the waiters were very attentive and immediately got us to our seat. She also asked if we would like a lavender loaf while we wait, which very fancy to us and a nice gesture. Scanning through the menu, they cater for a lot of different diets and have a lot of the general things you would find pretty much anywhere, like steaks and chicken etc, just with a fancier twist to it. The drinks menu was also very impressive, they had a wide range of cocktails and mocktails, that were served in cute little tumbler glasses and decorated with an edible flower (again, the attention to detail is amazing!). One thing that seemed to be a speciality in their restaurant was the 'hanging kebabs', which came with different meats and vegetables and your choice of a side. I got the cod and chorizo one, which also had grilled peppers, red onions and prawns on it, and it was very tasty. The one thing I do regret though was ordering a pad Thai salad for my side other than chips, as it was very gingery and most was left, so note to self- ALWAYS GET THE CHIPS. 

One thing I did notice that I really liked was how the staff were always very attentive and often came over to ask us how the food is and if there is anything that we want differently. 

By the end of the main course, I was really looking forward to desserts, as they all looked so nice and a bit different to ones I've seen before. After a long decision, I ordered the lemon polenta cake, which came with a side of berry sorbet, and my mum got the cheesecake with caramel sauce. The presentation was outstanding and both tasted delicious, however I'd order the cheesecake instead next time round as I felt the lemon cake was a bit dry even paired with the ice cream. 

Over all, this place is definitely worth a visit for the pictures and also for a bit of fine dining, so I would recommend for a nice evening meal or somewhere a bit different. I would advise booking online though, especially if you are planning going on the weekend, as it can get super busy. 

Let me know if you have been to The Florist before or if you are planning a visit in the comments below :) 

Love, Jess 

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  1. Wow! This place sounds amazing! Need to find a treasure like this in Leeds!!


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