Top Tips To Stay Motivated and Avoid Procrastination

We all get that feeling, when something has to be done but requires a lot of attention and is not the most interesting of tasks, when all we want to do is lay on our bed and do absolutely nothing all day.  
Motivation can be a super hard thing to have, especially if you're trying to do something that you don't necessarily enjoy or something requires a lot of your attention. But don't fear, because I have 5 of the best tips I've learnt from years of being the world's best sloth, on how to be a motivation goddess this exam season. 

1. Set Goals- The first thing I always do to get myself that lil bit more motivated is to set some goals. I like to do this by jotting down a few things I want to get done for the day in my gorg planner from Asda, believe it or not! I find that this works great as well if  you're feeling a bit stressed about all the things you have to do, as actually putting it on paper makes it seem a lot more manageable and official. Then, throughout your day, you can tick off all the things you get done (which is so satisfying too!) and that way you can feel like you've achieved something! 

2. Find Inspiration- This is probably the one that I use the most to get myself motivated. The idea is that if you can't find any motivation and you're feeling a bit lazy, you can do things like watching YouTube videos like 'Study with me' or 'Get productive with me', reading a motivational blog (like mine!;)) or even just reading a simple motivational quote to give you that little boost you need to kick start your day. 

3. Give yourself a reason- This is so important, as in order to succeed in being motivated and productive, you actually need to want to be motivated and productive. Confusing much? Basically, if you don't have a reason behind why you want to productive, you are never going to actually be productive. Thats why its really important to always remind yourself on why you want to be motivated, and what you will gain out of it. This way, you are working towards an ultimate goal that you really want to achieve, which will give you a lot more energy to move forward. 

4. Practice positivity and a 'can do' attitude- I always find this one the hardest, as its easy to feel angry at yourself for not being productive 'enough'. I try to banish these thoughts by channeling a much more positive outlook, which you can do in many different ways. One of my favourites is a morning yoga session, which is so good to start of your day by feeling energised and a lot more zen. I could ramble on about yoga for ages, if you would like to learn more, I have a whole separate blog post here - How Yoga & Mediation Has Changed My LifeReminding yourself that you can do it and you are capable of achieving your goal is also a vital part of establishing a positive mood and motivation. I've also been especially loving the online shop Blogging Mode, for all of the motivational accessories and gorgeous gift ideas I never knew I needed until now! They sell everything from mugs to laptop cases, for the bad-ass girl boss we all strive to be! You can buy all these goodies and so much more on and get 20% off your first order! 

5. Reward yourself- Despite being productive and getting lots done, its also super important to give yourself a break afterwards, or in between. I like to give myself a 30 minute break after an hour of work, which will usually consist of watching an episode of Friends, or whatever I fancy on that day. This gives your mind a well-needed rest, ready to re-focus later!

This post is kindly sponsored by Blogging Mode, but as usual all opinions are my own.


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