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 I haven't done one of those beauty favourite posts in a good while, so I thought its about time that I update you guys on some new stuff I'm obsessing over at the minute. Well, thats a lie, not everything is new like BRAND new, but its the sort of new as in rediscovering a product I haven't used in ages and becoming completely and utterly obsessed all over again. Its like a constant cycle, I'll buy something new and be completely OBSESSED with it for a good few months, and then all of a sudden something else catches my attention, and that product that I once swore by is chucked in the drawer and collecting dust. So, I've made a pledge to myself to use products for a longer time now and try my best to not forget about them when I move onto something else. Lets see how long it lasts..

Anyway, lets get on to the faves!

1. My first fave which was not a rediscovery but actually a Christmas gift which I was ever so grateful for, is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume. This is my first time trying any fragrance by Marc Jacobs, which may come as a shock to some, as it seems everyone  and their cat has one of these perfumes, but now I totally get the hype.Firstly, the bottle is sooo gorgeous and classy, making it a fabulous feature to any girl's dressing table. Secondly, it smells amazing, its literally like my perfect scent, and that's not even over exaggerating. Now I'm absolutely awful at describing scents, but to me its like a really sweet but also sophisticated kinda scent, like vanilla mixed with flowers. And, I mean, who doesn't wanna smell like that?!

2. The next fave is the infamous Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. This was another one those products where I didn't know what I missing out on until I actually tried it. It gives you the perfect coverage, not too light it barely covers anything, and not too heavy where all you want to do is grab the face wipes and take it off immediately. And as well as this, its gives you the most gorgeous yet subtle sheen to your skin, without it making you look like a disco ball if you have oily skin like me. Thats why I'm normally so hesitant to any foundation with the words "glow" or "shine" in the title, but for this foundation I made the exception, and I'm so glad I did!

3. Another thing that I got for Christmas was this gorgeous Benefit Sugar-licious Lip and Cheek Set, which I'm so in love with. Its so perfect for travel, and great for beginners too. Inside there is a Sugarbomb lipgloss, the Sugarbomb blusher and brush, and a little mini Bene tint and High Beam. What makes this set such a great gift for makeup beginners is that it also includes a 'Tips and Tricks' pamphlet, which gives you a step by step guide on how to  apply the all products in the kit. I would highly recommend this for if you're looking for a gift that doesn't break the bank too!

4. Speaking of Benefit, I've been using their new brow collection pretty much religiously since they came out. I especially like the 'Gimme Brow' brow gel, and the 'Ka-Brow' brow pomade. Both of these products combined make for the perfect and effortless brows, as its so quick and simple, especially if you're not the best at drawing on your brows (mine end up looking like two big slugs on the face). So I would highly recommend for if you're in the market for some new brow stuff that you can use super easily and requires minimal effort.    

Hope you enjoyed this little look at some of my current beauty faves right now, let me know if theres any products you love and would like to see me try!

Love, Jess x 

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  1. I love Marc Jacobs perfume and also all benefit products. It’s literally just sooo good!


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