The Teddy Coat I've Been Living In This Winter

For months and months, I’ve been searching for the perfect coat for the freezing winter we’re having, and now I think I’ve finally found it. This coat is literally the cosiest, comfiest thing and I’m not ashamed to say that it brings me so much joy to wear, like I plan all of my outfits around this one coat now. I actually saw this coat first when shopping a few months back, tried it on, but then ummed and ahhed about buying it, which I regretted massively later on. I made a promise to myself that I would go back and get the coat the next day, however as usual, life got in the way, and it wasn’t until a month later that I spotted it in the sale, and then I knew that I had to buy it, like how could you leave it when its half price and still in amazing condition? It was as if the New Look Gods were on my side, however the only slight issue was that it was a 12, which was 2 up from my usual size. Thankfully though, it was still a good fit and was just a bit baggy on the arms, but on the plus side its now even more snuggly than before as I am virtually wearing a big fluffy blanket (and who could complain about that?!)

Okay, so now how do I style it? To be honest, as I’m majorly in love with it, in my mind almost everything goes with it (apart from my pjs, but I’m not really about that look anyway) but my fave things to wear with it are my blue mom jeans from Topshop (my also one true love) and a top tucked in, which is usually a slogan tee, cos who can’t resist them am I right? I feel like picking up a top with some sort of witty and sassy quote on it has been an essential buy for any shopping trip since summer ’17.
Even without the freezing weather in Liverpool, I’m sure this coat will get a good use this year, even though by summer I should hopefully be leaving the house without 50 layers on and clutching an umberella at every second, however it’s hard to tell with the unpredictable UK weather… *eyeroll*
I’m also hoping I will finally be able to take decent outdoor pictures if the sun decides to make an appearance this year, rather than having to stay inside and take pictures on my landing barefoot, because the one day I want to take outfit pictures, the UK decides to torrential rain ALL. DAY. LONG. Yay to UK weather! 
I hope you have enjoyed this slightly short but sweet post, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Love, Jess x 


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  1. oh I love those coats! I got similar in black.... I defiantly love yours color .... pink is going to rock this season!!

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