How Yoga & Mediation Has Changed My Life

Recently, I’ve been feeling super stressed and unmotivated, which has had a negative effect on my mood. So I decided I wanted to change this negativity and try something new, so I gave yoga a go one evening, and it was so relaxing and peaceful. I instantly felt a lot less stressed, and all that negativity seemed to fade away in the moment. It makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, which is great for the mornings. I find that I’m a lot more focused in the day, and it is less likely for something to stress me out that normally does.
This is why I would highly recommend practicing yoga, it doesn’t have to be regularly, but just taking out 10 mins out of your day could have a massive impact on your mood and mindset for the rest of the day. Therefore I would recommend doing it in the morning, I like to do it first thing to wake me up (as I said it’s super refreshing as it clears your mind from any worries). By doing it first thing when you wake up, its out of the way so that you can get on with the rest of your day and you don't have to worry about doing it later.
So all I do is roll out of bed and crawl onto my yoga mat (half asleep of course) and normally put on one of favourite youtube channels right now for yoga, called Yoga With Adriene. Her channel is so helpful as she has tons of yoga tutorials that you can follow to suit your mood and what you want to achieve. So usually I'll do one of her 'Morning Yoga' videos, which are very clear to follow and relaxing (I find her voice so soothing).
I also wanted to give meditation a quick mention too, as this has also helped me de-stress and be more positive throughout the day. An amazing app that you may of heard of which is dedicated to meditation practice called Headspace has been my go-to for daily meditating. Its a free app that includes guided meditation sessions for different moods and feelings, to suit your mindset. The guy that runs the app and talks you through all of the sessions, Andy, is incredibly calming and has the most relaxing voice ever, which instantly makes you feel calm.
I would recommend yoga and meditation to anyone, as the two go hand in hand to make a more peaceful and relaxed mind, leading to a much a happier take on life. I can definitely notice a difference, and now yoga and meditation is a part of my everyday life, and I couldn't be without them.
I hope that if you are in need of a bit of time to yourself to relax and clear your head, this have gave you some guidance into what to expect and how it will influence your life.
Happy meditating :)
Love, Jess x

Here are some apps I have found helpful for yoga & meditation:

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body
Relax Melodies: Sleep, Sounds, White Noise

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