My Weekend Guide to Berlin

Hey guys! Sorry I've been super inactive of late, this months just been so hectic and busy, and after coming back from my trip to Berlin, I've literally done nothing but sleep as I was SO drained & exhausted. Anyway, today I want to talk to talk to you guys about what to do in the beautiful city of Berlin after just returning from a weekend stay there. So whether you're planning a trip there soon, or you just want to see what I got up to, I hope you enjoy!

For me, Berlin is such a photogenic place cos I found that everywhere I went I was constantly taking pictures of the beautiful architecture that surrounded me, which adds to the reason why I fell in love with the city. My first place I would highly recommend visiting for them cool pictures but also to learn about the history behind it is the amazing Reichstag Dome. The dome is built right on top of the Reichstag
Building, so you can't miss it when walking past, and is made entirely out of glass. This dome is definitely worth this visit, as when you get inside it has incredible 360 views of the city. I would recommend visiting at night in particular, as the views over the city are even more beautiful and photogenic. The interior design of the dome is also very cool as it is like a spiral of mirrors.
Another place worth the visit is the Brandenburg Gate, on Pariser Platz. This gate is absolutely massive, so another one that you won't be able to miss. This again is another one I would advise going to at night, as it lights up and looks even more spectacular.
The next place worth seeing is the remains of the Berlin Wall, which is in the heart of the city. This is great for visiting as its very educational and interesting, as well as being another great photo opportunity. A must see for the ultimate tourist.
Then a short walk from the wall is Checkpoint Charlie, which surrounds all of the shops. This is a great place for tourists as there are guards standing outside who you can get a photo with, and there is also a museum right opposite it.
Lastly, the Mall of Berlin is Raush, which had the most amazing array of luxury chocolates, and impressive chocolate sculptures.
definitely worth a visit for any shopping lover like myself, or to grab a bite to eat as they had the most amazing restaurants. I got the nicest pizza from a little pizza stand on the top floor of the mall, for really cheap too. I also enjoyed browsing in shops such as NYX and Hollister. Speaking of shops and food, I also went to the most amazing chocolate shop called
So there you go, my top places to visit whilst in Berlin. I really enjoyed my time in Berlin and I hope I can visit again soon! I hope this post has been helpful, let know what you thought in the comments below!
Have you been to Berlin? What did you do there? I'd love to know :)

Love, Jess x

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