My Go-To Travel Outfit

Whenever I'm travelling I always want to be super comfy, so that means finding an outfit that's easy to throw on at 3 am in the morning for your flight. That is why this year I've opted for a cross strap khaki top with a stretchy and light material, and black leggings that are warm and comfortable. I will also be wearing my Nike Huaraches, which I literally live in right now cos they are sooo comfy and I'm obsessed with the mint colour. Surprisingly, they also go with most of my outfits which just makes me love them even more. (Also questioning why my pink false nails look SO bloomin bright in this pic haha..)
 LINKS: Primark Khaki Cross Strap Top- £6 (SIMILAR)
              Forever 21 Black Leggings- £5
              Nike Huarache Ultra in Mint Green- £100

Hope you guys enjoyed this short blog post, and let me know if I've inspired you for your travel outfit in the comments below.
Love, Jess xx
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  1. Love your top, and it does look really comfy too. I feel exactly the same way when I'm travelling, particularly as I drive a lot. I usually wear leggings and a T.Shirt, usually with a unicorn on the front :0)

    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah xx I feel like leggings and a top are essential for any long journey cos your never gonna be uncomfortable in them. Also I think I might need to get my hands on that unicorn top, haha! Xxx


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