Eating Out: LIV Organic & Natural Food Market

 The other day I went to meet my mum for lunch and we paid a visit to a massive indoor food market on Bold Street called LIV. As my mum is a vegetarian she is always on the hunt for healthy restaurants, and when we spotted this place it looked perfect for a healthy lunch. Inside, it is like a massive healthy supermarket, with a large cafe area by the entrance. I loved the decor in the cafe, it was so up my street and very Instagram worthy. We stopped by on a Thursday afternoon, and it wasn't too busy which was good. The staff were friendly and were happy to explain what everything was.

Food Rating- 3/5
The food was self-serve, so you had to queue to get a regular or large plate and then you could just pile up whatever food takes your fancy. We got the cous cous, the potato salad, a Mediterranean salad, tofu and quinoa (a think it was quinoa anyway!)and broccoli, which had this gorgeous marinade on it.  All or most of the food was vegan which I enjoyed trying out. The only downside for me was that some of the things we put on our plate we didn't like, so some might call that a waste of money after paying for it and then realizing we don't like it, but I guess that's just the fun of trying out new things. Just for reference though, the things I liked the most were the broccoli, the Mediterranean salad and the potato salad, so if you are going to visit, that's what I would recommend trying.
The cakes however, were super delicious and I was shocked that were actually vegan. I got the chocolate brownie and my mum got the carrot cake, but they had a great selection of vegan desserts to choose from. As I remember the prices were pretty reasonable for what we got, I'll try and leave the price list in the comments if I can find it.
Overall Experience- 5/5
I thoroughly enjoyed visiting LIV food market over all, the staff were friendly and there was plenty of seating. The thing I most enjoyed though was looking around the aisles of amazing healthy vegan products they sell, from hair and body, to fresh fruit and veg, vegan snacks and deli items. This place is definitely a go-to for anyone on the hunt for a vegan/vegetarian supermarket, cos they literally had everything you could think of.

LIV Organic & Natural Food Market: 18-26 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DS, UK 

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