35 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Today I want to know what things make you guys happy. What makes you feel that sort of happiness that nothing else can compare to? Well I had a think and I've come up with 35 very random things that make me smile like the Cheshire Cat. I'd love to know what make you guys happy too, be sure to let me know in the comments & spread the positivity on this dreary Monday :)

1.  A refreshing drink on a hot day
2.  Listening to a sassy & empowering song
3. Fresh flowers 
4. Baking something delicious
5. Laughing till you cry and your jaw hurts
6. Making hot chocolate on a cold day
7. Cosy nights in
8. Cuddling my dog 
9. Re-reading my favourite book
10. Colourful stationary
11. A spontaneous day out
12. Yoga
13. Bumping into a old friend 
14. Random acts of kindness
15. Terry's Chocolate Orange
16. The sound of rain on the window
17. Starting a new project
18. Watching Friends
19. Listening to the Dreamgirls soundtrack
20. A tidy bedroom
21. Looking at old photos
22. Delicious food
23. Feeling the sun on my face 
24. The sound of birds chirping in the garden 
25. Achieving something you worked hard at
26. Wearing comfy shoes 
27. Seeing my grandparents 
28. Strolling around somewhere without any purpose
29. People who listen
30. Eating ice- cream out of the tub
31. Completely blue skies 
32. Lighting candles 
33. Wearing sunglasses. They make me feel so much more confident.
34. Playing a board game with my family
35. Swimming in the pool on holiday. 
Do any of these things make you guys happy too? I'd love to know. 
Jess x 
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  1. Love your positivity :) Eating ice cream is definitely a way to make me happy as well! And sunglasses. You can never have too many!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com/

  2. Thanks so much Courtneyđź’— And I'm glad we relate on the sunglasses thing, I literally have so many cos I can't stop buying them haha! Xx


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